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         Winnipeg taxpayers are paying the interest on a $5-million
    loan the owners of the Jets took out in '79.  The WINNIPEG SUN
    reported yesterday that sources also said the team has not paid
    back the $5M it received 16 years ago for as a franchise fee.
    Annual interest payments by the team are reportedly over $660,000
    (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 1/9).

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         Orioles Owner Peter Angelos made his long-awaited offer to
    buy the Buccaneers and move them to Baltimore by reportedly
    offering over $200M last night to the trust in charge of selling
    the team.  The offer came as trustees face a 5:00pm deadline
    today on a $160M offer from Tommy Shannon and Outback Steakhouse
    Execs Bob Basham and Chris Sullivan.  Details of the Angelos
    offer were not available, but a source familiar said it was worth
    more than the $200M that he had offered during '94.  It had been
    reported over the weekend that the Bucs "may be inclined" to
    accept the offer from the local Shannon group, and that the
    trustees had "discounted a bid" from Angelos out of "concerns
    that the NFL would not approve the Bucs relocation."  But last
    night's lofty offer by Angelos could change that, as the trustees
    have "a fiduciary duty to strike the best deal" (Jon Morgan,
    Baltimore SUN, 1/9).  In Tampa, Yankees Owner George
    Steinbrenner, who may make an offer today, did not rule out
    Angelos.  Steinbrenner: "Everyone is eliminating Peter Angelos.
    I do not.  I know the guy.  I know his people.  They are not just
    talkers."  This morning, team trustees are expected to meet at
    Hugh Culverhouse's Tampa law office to discuss the bid, and it
    "appears certain" that trustees have decided not to continue
    owning and operating the club  (Topkin & Stroud, ST. PETERSBURG
    TIMES, 1/9).  Although trustee Steve Story had told reporters
    "Monday will be the day" for a deal, one source close to the
    negotiations said "We probably won't even emerge with a winner
    today.  The men and the boys will be separated and then we'll see
    who wants to bargain" (Pugliese & Henderson, TAMPA TRIBUNE, 1/9).
    In Baltimore, Jon Morgan writes that Angelos has become "Public
    Enemy No. 1" in Tampa.  Angelos' response: "It would be nice if
    people got this excited about the movement of a manufacturing
    plant or an entire industry out of the country" (Jon Morgan,
    Baltimore SUN, 1/8).
         OTHER BIDDERS:  A "mystery" group was added to the mix on
    Friday as a group led by Jacksonville attorney Terry Moore and
    Baltimore attorney Robert Schulman met with Bucs officials (Joe
    Henderson, TAMPA TRIBUNE, 1/8).  Steinbrenner has been "quiet
    about his pursuit of the team," with some suggesting he is
    waiting for the final hour to make a bid, or will make an offer
    if it appears the team would be sold to out-of-town buyers
    (Stroud & Topkin, ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 1/9).  Possibly
    increasing pressure on the trust to sell the team was the fact
    that 72 potential creditors preserved their "rights to claim more
    than $170 million in loans and promises" made by the late owner
    of the Bucs, Hugh Culverhouse, Sr. (Gruss & Stidham, TAMPA
    TRIBUNE, 1/7).
         HAWKS NEXT?  NBC's Will McDonough noted on "NFL Live" that
    the Seahawks are for sale ("NFL Live," NBC, 1/8).

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         Adelphia Communications Chair John Rigas is still awaiting
    approval from MLB to start negotiations with the Pirates to buy
    the team.  Rigas was the personal choice of Pittsburgh Mayor
    Murphy on November 19 to buy the team and keep them in the city.
    Under an agreement, if no deal is reached by January 29, the team
    could be sold to the highest bidder, "free of any lease
    obligations binding the team to Three Rivers Stadium."  At a news
    conference with U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), Rigas called
    MLB's delay "frustrating":  "We're a little impatient and we've
    got to get going."  Pirates President Mark Sauer said baseball
    owners have been "preoccupied" with other issues, but that the
    team "was doing everything it can to expedite the approval
    process."  Specter said he would take the matter up with acting
    Commissioner Bud Selig and White Sox Owner Jerry Reinsdorf (Jon

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         Former Oakland Raider Ken Stabler will team with singer
    Jimmy Buffett and move the CFL Las Vegas Posse to Birmingham, AL,
    for '95, according to the Baltimore CFL's owner Jim Speros.
    Speros says he is "advising the group": "Adding well-known people
    like Kenny Stabler and Jimmy Buffett is exactly what our league
    needs to do. ... The team would draw 50,000 people just to hear
    Buffett sing the national anthem before the games there" (Marty
    York, Toronto GLOBE AND MAIL, 1/6).  Milwaukee investor Marvin
    Fishman said his bid to land the Posse failed because a proposed
    lease at Milwaukee County Stadium was never finalized.  Fishman
    did not rule out a future bid to move a CFL team to Milwaukee
    (Charles Gardner, MILWAUKEE SENTINEL, 1/7).
         EXPANSION NOTES:  Speros calls Salt Lake City a "strong"
    candidate for '96 expansion and that Connecticut is "just about a
    shoo-in" to join the league in '96.  The team will play in the
    Yale Bowl.  San Antonio, Orlando and Portland were also mentioned
    as candidates for expansion (Marty York, Toronto GLOBE AND MAIL,

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