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         News from the interactive TV market.  AT&T and Zenith
    Electronics along with Sun Microsystems and Thomas Consumer
    Electronics SA are "promising to transform the passive act of
    watching television."  It could give consumers instant access to
    news headlines, weather, traffic reports, etc.  Sun Microsystems
    and Thomas Consumer Electronics SA introduced Open TV, a
    operating environment for interactive television through a
    decoder box.  AT&T will have the "AT&T Information Center" that
    has a special device to connect peoples TV sets to their
    telephone outlets (Washington Post, 1/6)....Nintendo will no
    longer "actively" market its original Nintendo Entertainment
    System (USA TODAY, 1/6).

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         The work stoppage in the NHL has already "done severe
    damage" to the league's "long-coveted, five-year, $155M national
    TV deal with Fox."  Whether the season starts at all, the league
    has "dug itself a deep hole, taking a huge step backward in its
    quest to maximize desperately needed national TV exposure,"
    according to Bob Raissman in this morning's N.Y. DAILY NEWS.
    Some Fox affiliates are taking a "wait-and-see" approach. Lou
    Abitablio, General Sales Manager of NYC's WNYW-TV:  "If we have
    games in April, we still have time to get things together.  But
    we haven't gone out on the street to sell advertising for hockey.
    We can't until we know what we are selling."  The NHL "could have
    counted on mega-doses of hype on Fox nightly prime-time sked and
    would have gotten a major shot on the network's NFL telecasts.
    Now even if the Puck Heads vote to end the lockout, the NFL
    window is closed."  So don't expect a big hockey push during the
    NFL Championship game on Fox, as Tracy Doglin, Exec VP/Marketing
    for Fox Sports says:  "We haven't shot a thing.  There are no
    promos sitting in my vault ready to come out during the NFC
    Championship Game."  But while Dolgin admits the lost promotional
    opportunities, he "is still confident of Fox's ability to sell
    the game, even on short notice."  Dolgin: "We bought hockey for
    the future. ... Hockey is not dead. Our marketing plan, all the
    things we need to do to make hockey the sports of the 90's is
    still the same" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 1/6).

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         Time Warner is close to an agreement with Cablevision
    Industries, which controls cable systems of about 1.3M
    subscribers.  The company could fetch between $2.5 and $3B.
    Sources close to the deal said there are still hurdles to
    overcome, including how Time Warner would finance the deal. If
    Time Warner completes the deal, it would service over 10M cable
    subscribers, making it a close second to TCI, Inc., the largest
    U.S. cable operator (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 1/6).

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