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     Candlestick Park in San Francisco is the fourth oldest
facility in the NFL.  It was built in 1960 and is home to both
the 49ers and the baseball Giants.  The city has pledged over
$26M to help renovate the facility in time to host the 1999 Super
Bowl.  Today, we continue to examine the NFL's infrastructure
with a look at Candlestick Park, host of this Saturday's playoff
game between the Bears and 49ers.  This profile is No. 24 in a
series of 29.
STADIUM: Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA
AGE: Completed in 1960 — 49ers began play in '70
OWNERSHIP: Owned and managed by the city.
CAPACITY: 69,497 for football — will expand to 72,400 for the '95 season.
LUXURY SUITES: 94 — owned/operated by the city but 49ers have exclusive marketing/selling rights, revenue split 85% for the 49ers/15% for the city.
COST: $24.6M in 1960 — 1970 renovation to enclose stadium for football cost an additional $20M. Bonds floated for the facility to be paid off by '98-99.
PARKING: Over 8,000 spots — $15 fee, city 65%/team 35%.
CONCESSIONS: Volume Services — Team gets approx 30% revenue.
MAINTENANCE: City pays for maintenance on facility.
GAME-DAY: Personnel cost shared between city and 49ers.
ADVERTISING: Sony has unique deal with city to have exclusive advertising rights in the stadium. Signed a 10- year deal in '87 with contract extension last year.
RENT: $2.3M — 5th highest in the league.
LEASE: 25-year lease expires in 2011.

(Sources: Mike Gay, Candlestick Park; rent figure from Florida Times-Union article on July 24, 1994).
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