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         The Bulls' Scottie Pippen, whose chair-throwing incident two
    days ago was widely publicized, is still seen as a positive
    endorser "in the eyes" of some of the companies that have hired
    him.  Ameritech spokeperson Dave Onak: "Sure, we're disappointed
    with some of his recent incidents.  But on the balance, we still
    believe he makes a strong contribution to the community."  Nike
    VP/Public Relations Keith Peters, commenting on the contract
    talks between the Bulls and Pippen: "While all this is going on,
    Scottie is playing pretty well.  It's not an easy thing to deal
    with.  Controversy isn't always good but it's not always bad,
    either.  And from what I've seen and heard, Scottie is just
    stating his feelings" (Terry Armour, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 1/26).

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         PepsiCo's Frito Lay unit has reportedly filmed an ad
    featuring 49er Steve Young and his coach George Seifert along
    with Charger Stan Humphries.  This new Doritos spot is expected
    to run during the Frito Lay Halftime Show.  Besides Frito Lay,
    Young is under contract with Nike, Sprint and a "collection of
    other advertisers."  A "standout performance" in the game could
    enhance his marketability.  Humphries' Nike contract expires at
    the end of the Super Bowl.  If Nike does not pick up his
    contract, "look for Reebok to enter the picture."  David Burns of
    Burns Sports Celebrity Service notes that advertisers are now
    "very aware" of Humphries (George Lazarus, CHICAGO TRIBUNE,
    1/26)....San Francisco ad agency Foote Cone & Belding, has
    unveiled its annual "tongue-slightly-in-cheek Super Bowl scouting
    report" for potential new endorsers for advertisers.  Deion
    Sanders and Steve Young "are money in the bank"; Jerry Rice and
    Junior Seau "have untapped potential"; other players have a shot,
    but most "just aren't well ... ready for prime time."  Some the
    agency's cute endorsement ideas:  Dana Stubblefield -- "Nice name
    for a Remington shaver commercial"; Ken Norton Jr. -- he and his
    dad the heavyweight boxer could do a "warm-hearted AT&T long-
    distance commercial"; Stan Humphries -- "Given his much-
    publicized weight problems, Stan could be the man for an Ultra
    SlimFast or Weight Watchers before-and-after commercial" (John
    Flinn, S.F. EXAMINER, 1/25)....USA TODAY's Super Bowl Ad Watch
    features HBO, which has purchased one :60 spot that will air
    during the first half (USA TODAY, 1/26).

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         "This is the state of the Players Association on the eve of
    the union's showcase event:  discord and distrust," according to
    William Rhoden in this morning's N.Y. TIMES in previewing NFLPA
    Exec Dir Gene Upshaw's Super Bowl news conference today.  More
    than one player "expressed anger yesterday over Upshaw's
    leadership, from the collective bargaining agreement that granted
    free agency but included a salary cap to Upshaw's own salary of
    $900,000."  49er Player Rep Toi Cook defends Upshaw's salary:
    "He needs to get what other people are getting.  The other people
    are getting a million dollars."  But Cowboy Michael Irvin said:
    "Not only did he let me down as a football player, he let me down
    as a black man, making that poor business decision.  People will
    look at this and say, 'That's why you can't put a black man as
    head of anything.'"  If shows of unity and minimum player
    salaries are any measure, the NFLPA is the "weakest of all" team
    sports players' associations, according to Rhoden.  He notes the
    start of the NFLPA licensing corporation, which NFL Properties
    countered by offering to sign players to contracts.  "Instead of
    signing with their own licensing entity, certain key players
    signed with NFL Properties."  As for the report that former NFLPA
    staffer John Walker misappropriated union funds and stole checks
    that were payments from agents for union certification, some
    players are upset with the union's handling of the situation.
    49er WR Ed McCaffrey: "Something like this -- misappropriation of
    funds, regardless of how much it is -- I think it's a pretty
    significant blow to the relationship between players and the
    union" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/26).

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         The Athletic Footwear Association (AFA) announced that U.S.
    sales of athletic footwear declined fractionally during the first
    eight months of 1994, about 2%. The men's shoes category rose
    7.7% in pairs sold and 2.9% in dollars spent during the time
    period, while women's and children's shoes declined.  Women's
    footwear sold and dollars spent both slipped 6% and children's
    footwear sold fell 1.4% with dollars spent declining by 6.1%


         Curtis Management Group, a firm specializing in selectivity
    marketing and protecting famous names, has announced an expanded
    year-long schedule of what Curtis calls high-profile events in
    celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth's birthday.
    According to Curtis Management Senior VP Darci Dillard Ross, the
    following list of licensees "are empowered to utilize a
    distinctive, one-of-a-kind" Ruth Anniversary logo designed by
    Curtis:  Sport Stamp Collectors, Bradford Exchange, Ashton Drake,
    Mark Allen Productions, Anaconda, Schneiderheit Glass  Allstar
    Marketing, Megacards, Talking Frames, David Blumenthal, Sports
    Gems, Koral International, Champion Sports, Promint, Trevlin
    Collection, White Rose Collectibles, Wilkinson Enterprises,
    American Eagle Associates, Custom Pin & Design (Curtis Management


         Agents for Jerry Rice announced yesterday that Rice has
    signed a multi-year consulting and endorsement agreement with CNS
    Inc. for Breathe Right nasal strips.  The agreement states that
    Rice will be the first member of the CNS Sports Advisory Board
    and will also appear in some advertising and promotional
    materials.  According to Rice's agent Jim Sterner, the agreement
    is the result of Rice's personal satisfaction with the Breathe
    Right product (CNS, Inc)


         Patriots LB Vincent Brown has signed an endorsement deal
    with Converse for a new cross-training shoe, "Scratching Turf,"
    which comes out in May.  A nationwide :30 ad will run June 5-25
    (BOSTON GLOBE, 1/25)....Pinnacle Enterprises signed three more
    golfers to endorsement contracts:  Senior PGA Tour player Butch
    Baird and PGA Tour players Doug Tewell and Mark Wurtz
    (Pinnacle)....Novell Inc. and Walt Disney Co. are planning a
    worldwide joint development and marketing pact to produce co-
    branded applications combining animated entertainment with
    traditional software programs such as word processing
    (INTERACTIVE WEEK, 1/16 issue)....Peabody, MA-based Saucony, a
    division of Hyde Athletic, annouced its sponsorship of the April
    9 Saucony Fenway 5000 in Boston (BOSTON GLOBE, 1/25). ....In
    Toronto, Art Chamberlain examines how Molson Brewing decided to
    pick the fight against AIDS as one of its corporate causes
    (TORONTO STAR, 1/26)...."Fueled by strong gains in its domestic
    and international tobacco operations," Philip Morris reported
    "soaring" 4thQ earnings.  Even though growth in the company's
    food division was "sluggish," tobacco's performance made up the
    difference (N.Y. TIMES, 1/26)....Porsche has pulled its two cars
    from the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona due to new engine
    requirements.  Indy racer Mario Andretti was scheduled to drive
    the Porsche entries for the February 4-5 race (USA TODAY, 1/26).

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         Cowboy RB Emmitt Smith serves as honorary Mayor at the
    opening of Coca-Cola Touchdown Town, a football themed festival
    for Super Bowl visitors.  The town opens today through January 30
    (Coca-Cola)....According to a report in this morning's USA TODAY,
    many fans from the West Coast cities still have not arrived
    yet....Both Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan are expected to
    participate in the Powerade/ Deion Sanders Super PrimeTime
    Shootout basketball game tomorrow night at the Miami campus of
    Florida Int'l Univ. (USA TODAY, 1/26)....The Super Bowl will be
    televised in a record 174 countries, territories and islands -- a
    24% increase over last year's record of 141 countries.  Of the
    174 countries, 150 will see the game live.  The game is expected
    to draw 750M viewers (NFL)....McDonald's is sponsoring a
    neighborhood football clinic today.  Also, look for Michael
    Jordan and Larry Bird to make an appearance in the company's
    final "Super Bowl Buddies" spot (McDonald's). ....Corporate
    Village has been erected in the northwestern corner of the Joe
    Robbie Stadium parking lot -- it's a compound of 27 wood-floored
    tents surrounded by a chain-link fence.  Companies can rent space
    to entertain clients or employees.  The list of participating
    companies is "confidential," but signs on the side of the tents
    indicate that ABC, MCI, General Electric, Miller, Sports
    Illustrated, Nissan, Sherwin Williams, Seagrams and the Miami
    Herald are all participating.  The price is $295 per guest (Ron
    Ishoy, MIAMI HERALD, 1/26)....Peter Max's officially-licensed NFL
    art is on display at the NFL Experience. Max has created the
    official poster for Super Bowl XXIX, as well as a collection of
    original Max art on NFL helmets (THE DAILY).

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         Nike released the Super Bowl speech that will be read by
    Dennis Hopper, portraying Stanley Craver.  Full text from the :90
    ad:  "When I was a boy, I dreamed of playing football.  But I was
    allergic to milk and the soybean juice substitute that my mother
    gave me made my bones weak.  But I digress.  My point is:  I love
    football.  Football.  The ballet of bulldozers.  The moments of
    grace in a sea of fury.  The crowd:  fickle, fanatical, and
    faithful.  Every kick-off is possibility.  Every down a war.  And
    every now and then, it doesn't come down to fancy strategy or
    speed or strength. It comes down to who has more heart.  Yes.
    You see football is in my bones, and where goes the two point
    conversion, the on-side kick and the TV time-out, so go I.  I
    have seen the locker room my friends.  I have smelled the shoes,
    stormed the field and sung the songs.  And I have heard the
    footsteps.   Yes.  And they say to me, they say 'Stanley, is
    football the greatest game in the world?'  And I say, 'Yes,
    footsteps.  Yes it is!'" (Nike).

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         The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, patrons of the
    Wimbledon Tennis Championships, announced yesterday that they
    have signed an exclusive licensing arrangement for North America
    with Gem International.  The arrangement calls for Gem to
    manufacture neckties, men's and ladies' scarves, cummerbunds and
    pocket squares using the WIMBLEDON brand name (Wimbledon).

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