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         49ers DB Deion Sanders "had an audience swarming at his lips
    on Media Day, but he threatened to ruin this rare marketing
    opportunity by behaving like an absolute darling of a gentleman."
    Sanders: "I've had enough hype, exposure and press to last 10
    people in their lifetime.  Now, I just want the ring. ... I don't
    need exposure.  I'm already household" (Bernie Miklasz, ST. LOUIS
    POST-DISPATCH, 1/25).  In New York, Steve Serby writes on
    Sanders: "Prime Time is an act.  He is a family man and a team
    man.  He has made suckers of us all, so good for him" (N.Y. POST,

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         ESPN has sold out its gold level sponsorship positions for
    the inaugural Extreme Games, which are to take place in and
    around Providence, RI from June 24-July 1.  The six gold level
    sponsorships are held by Miller, PepsiCo's Mountain Dew, Nike,
    Taco Bell, AT&T and GM's Chevrolet Truck and Pontiac divisions.
    In addition, Advil will be a participating sponsor as the
    official "Medical Services Provider."  Additional sponsorship
    packages are being made available for domestic and int'l
    telecasts (GOULD MEDIA).

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         Euro Disney reported a "sharply narrowed loss for its fiscal
    first quarter as a financial restructuring and higher revenue
    gave a boost to the theme park" (WALL STREET JOURNAL,
    1/25)....United Airlines reported a 4thQ profit, its first in
    five years.  The results "confirm that the industry is slowly
    recovering."  In the past week, American and Northwest both
    reported profits for the last quarter.  The industry now awaits
    word from Delta (WASHINGTON TIMES, 1/25)....AT&T produced $75B in
    revenue last year, more than in '83 when the company was broken
    up and "stripped" of 73% of its assets.  AT&T called '94 "by far"
    the best year it has had since the breakup (USA TODAY,
    1/25)....Hardee's is said to be looking for a new ad agency for
    the second time in less than two years.  Currently, the company
    is with Manhattan-based Deutsch Inc. (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 1/25).

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         According to MLBP, the Negro Leagues Licensing program,
    officially launched at last year's Super Show, has been
    "extremely successful."  From July through November '94, retail
    sales of Negro League merchandise totaled approximately $3.4M.
    As a pro bono program, 100% of the revenues generated from the
    sale of the merchandise is distributed to former Negro Leagues
    players, The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the Jackie
    Robinson Foundation.  MLBP VP/General Counsel Don Gibson will
    present the checks to Don Motley, Exec Dir for the Negro Leagues
    Museum, Wilmer Fields, a former Negro Leagues player, and Rachel
    Robinson, Jackie Robinson's widow and Chair of the Jackie
    Robinson Foundation -- at a press conference to be held on Sunday
    February 5 at the Super Show in Atlanta (MLBP).


         Joining former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo in Doritos' Super Bowl
    spot will be former TX Gov. Ann Richards.  In the ad, Richards
    cleans out her office as she and Cuomo discuss change (USA TODAY,
    1/25).... ESPN Int'l will televise the game to viewers throughout
    Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Rim, the Middle East and
    Africa.  The game will be delivered in English, Spanish,
    Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese (THE DAILY)....Coca-Cola will not
    advertise during the broadcast of the game, but they "continue to
    be a heavy NFL sponsor."  In addition to being one of the name
    sponsors of the NFL Experience themepark situtaed outside Joe
    Robbie Stadium, Coca-Cola is also the sole sponsor of Touchdown
    Town, a smaller interactive display.  "Coca-Cola BIG TV," a joint
    venture with Turner Broadcasting, will air on TNT from 10:30pm on
    January 27 until three hours before game time.  Coca-Cola
    spokesperson Ben Deutsch:  "There are better ways to invest money
    in Super Bowl marketing than throwing $1 million at a 30-second
    ad" (Eric Conrad, FT. LAUDERDALE SUN-SENTINEL, 1/25)....USA
    TODAY's Super Bowl ad watch features McDonald's, which has
    purchased one :60 ad slated for the first half (USA TODAY,
    1/25)....In Houston, Eric Hanson writes on the NFL program that
    provides football collecting cards for kids that double as an
    educational tool.  Each card features an NFL star with a message
    on the back from urging kids to stay in school to staying
    physically fit.  Shell Oil is the main sponsor of the program and
    Fleer produced the cards (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 1/24).

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         "With hordes of media from all over the country on hand and
    millions of people focusing their attention on it all week, Super
    Bowl XXIX would appear to be the ideal spot for San Francisco and
    San Diego to do a little self-promotion," writes Wendy Tanaka in
    this morning's SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER.  But neither city has
    planned any marketing efforts at home or in Miami.  Officials
    from both cities said marketing their respective cities during
    Super Bowl week would be "pretty much a wasted effort."
    Officials claim that both game-goers and TV viewers "are too
    focused on the game and on partying to pay much attention to
    tourism pitches."  Laurie Allison, Nat'l PR Manager for the San
    Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, points out that coverage of
    the teams will provide "essentially free advertising."  Although
    not in town to push his city, San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan is
    in Miami talking with NFL officials about marketing plans for
    Super Bowl XXXIII, slated to be played at Candlestick Park in '99

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         Amid all the talk that ABC's 2nd half ratings could suffer
    if this year's Super Bowl is another NFC blowout, Dennis Lewin,
    Senior VP of Programming for ABC Sports, said there is no
    specific barometer for a successful Super Bowl other than the
    fact that, "in all likelihood, it is going to be the highest
    rated television show of the year.  And that is successful by any
    standard."  Lewin, who made his remarks during of news conference
    attended by members of ABC's Super Bowl broadcast team, also
    noted that ad sales for this year's game "are as good as they've
    ever been for the history of this game."  Also in attendance:
    Announcers Al Michaels, Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf, sideline
    reporter Lynn Swann, pregame host Brent Musberger, pregame
    producer Curt Gowdy Jr., "Monday Night Football" Producer Ken
    Wolfe and Exec Producer Jack O'Hara.  Excerpts follow:
         THE GOALS OF THE BROADCAST:  Ken Wolfe said that the goals
    won't change and called the Super Bowl "a natural extension of
    what we don on 'Monday Night' on a regular basis."  He noted the
    "diverse audience" that tunes into "Monday Night," including
    "peripheral" males and women.
         THE "FOX BOX":  Wolfe maintained his position that the on-
    screen scoreboard, instituted this year by Fox, is not necessary
    and will not be used during the Super Bowl.  Wolfe:  "I think too
    much has been made of it."
         THE HYPE:  Brent Musberger said there was no need to hype
    the game in the pre-game show:  "The printed media, ESPN and all
    the cable channels do it for us. ... [Viewers will want to know]
    Is there a chance for an upset?  If there is, if this game turns
    the corner in the 4th quarter and the Chargers have a chance to
    win it, then I think you'll see one of the greatest Super Bowl
    ratings of all time."  Gifford said if the Chargers were to win,
    it would probably be the biggest Super Bowl upset ever, at least
    similar to Super Bowl III (Jets over Colts).  Dierdorf countered
    that it would be "bigger" Super Bowl III (THE DAILY).

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         "There is virtually no chance Super Bowl tickets are
    counterfeit, and the NFL doesn't expect a problem with
    counterfeit media credentials like it had in Atlanta last year,"
    according to a report in this morning's Ft. Lauderdale SUN-
    SENTINEL.  NFL Dir of Special Events Jim Steeg:  "We learned a
    lot about how far people will go last year."  Steeg said he and
    his staff are paying more attention to game credentials -- using
    hard-to-purchase materials that increase the cost of
    counterfeiting.  In addition, the presence of a 75th anniversary
    hologram has decreased concern over counterfeit game tickets.
    Steeg, who estimated the costs of printing tickets at $150,000
    per 2,000:  "You can see making a profit wouldn't be easy" (Craig
    Barnes, Ft. Lauderdale SUN-SENTINEL, 1/25).
         THE INFAMOUS NUDE CRUISE:  NFL Dir of Communications Greg
    Aiello said the league will have a "presence" aboard a cruise
    featuring naked show girls and gambling.  Cruise promoters are
    claiming that 50 present or former NFL players will also be
    aboard.  Aiello:  "There will be a representative of NFL security
    on board.  But I don't know who that will be."  The league has
    threatened fines and "lifetime suspensions" to players or others
    affliliated with the NFL that attend (Ken Rodriguez, MIAMI
    HERALD, 1/25).

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