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         The chances of the Bills playing at SkyDome is unlikely,
    according to Jim Proudfoot of the TORONTO STAR. Rich Stadium is
    undergoing $23M worth of improvements now and the Bills are
    putting up $10M, raised by a parking surcharge.  "At the SkyDome,
    they'd get zilch from parking, nor would they be renting out
    private boxes.  Also there are 50,000 seats here, 80,000 there"
    (TORONTO STAR, 12/8).

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         This morning, the Manitoba Entertainment Complex Inc., will
    announce that it has "nearly reached its marketing goals and
    plans for a new arena in Winnipeg is moving ahead quickly."  MEC
    spokesperson John Leowen refused to say how many club seats have
    been sold in the five weeks since the marketing program began,
    but sources at MEC put the number at around 1,200.  The goal was
    1,500, but MEC member Bob Silver said the group "raised far more
    money than they had projected before the marketing project had
    begun."  MEC still needs to meet with the city on a proposed
    site.  Loewen said the group preferred the Forks, a sight just
    outside the city, but could live with a downtown location (Scott
    Taylor, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, 12/8).

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         The proposal for a state-of-the-art arena in downtown
    Washington won approval yesterday from a "key" city agency.  The
    Redevelopment Land Agency voted 3-1 to recommend that the city
    "lease a prime parcel of land" to the National Capital
    Development Corp (NCDC).  The NCDC plans to build a $200M
    facility to be home to Abe Pollin's Bullets and Capitals.  The
    RLA said a competing proposal by BET President Robert Johnson
    "might be better for the city and chided Pollin for not offering
    the District more."  Johnson has offered to pay for the facility
    himself in exchange for an opportunity to purchase a share of the
    teams from Pollin, but Pollin has refused to negotiate with
    Johnson.  While Johnson has the money, he "has no teams to occupy
    the arena," and that was the driving force behind the RLA's
    decision.  The proposal now must go to the D.C. Council, and
    eventually "win backing on Capitol Hill."  Johnson said he will
    pursue "legal options," and plans to "argue to the new Republican
    Congress" that the city should not support using public funds
    "when private sector entrepreneurs are ready to assume the risk"
    (Howard Schneider, WASHINGTON POST, 12/8).

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         The Raptors and Canada Post are "closing in on a deal" for a
    new arena.  Club officials said they hope to have the land
    matters resolved by the end of the year, and a city hall source
    said the main differences on the deal "seems to be the land's
    value."  Raptors President John Bitove:  "We're not working hard
    on any of the other proposed sites" (James Christie, Toronto
    GLOBE & MAIL, 12/8).

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         Boston leaders angrily reacted to yesterday's reports that
    officials in RI and CT are discussing "multimillion-dollar
    incentives" with Patriots Owner Robert Kraft in an attempt to
    attract the team.  Boston Mayor Thomas Menino criticized Kraft
    for "exploring stadium and summer training option in Rhode
    Island, while discussion similar issues with officials here."
    Menino: "Next time its Maine.  I'm getting a little frustrated.
    ... If you don't want us to look for a stadium in the city
    separate from a convention center, tell us.  We're wasting a lot
    of time and energy on this issue" (Meyer & Estes, BOSTON HERALD,
    12/8).  Patriots spokesperson Don Lowery said "there is no
    threat.  We are just trying to pursue what's prudent for us in
    the long term."  Lowery did say that discussions with CT were
    "fleeting and informal and not pursued" (Kindleberger, BOSTON
    GLOBE, 12/8).  RI officials say a new stadium could be built
    "without legislative approval" with up to $250M in funds
    available from the RI Port Authority.  In CT, officials have not
    "made a firm offer," but have "discussed something similar" to
    the package they offered the Rams: a 60,000-seat stadium, $86M
    signing bonus and $20M training center (BOSTON GLOBE, 12/7).
         SOX CHANGE THEIR TUNE:  A top Red Sox official said the team
    would consider sharing a home with the Patriots.  This could
    "reshape the megaplex debate in the city," as it had been focused
    around a dual convention center/domed stadium facility (Meyer &
    Estes, BOSTON HERALD, 12/8).

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         Joe Robbie is widely considered one of the finest facilities
    in the NFL.  It was built in 1987 by Joe Robbie and hosted Super
    Bowl XXIII in 1989.  It will also be the site of Super Bowl XXIX
    on January 29th.
    STADIUM: Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida
    AGE: Completed in 1987.
    OWNERSHIP: Privately owned by Dolphins/Marlins Owner H. Wayne Huizenga.
    CAPACITY: 74,916
    MANAGEMENT: Robbie Stadium Corporation
    LUXURY SEATS: 216 luxury boxes, owned and operated by the Stadium Corp.
    COST: $115M. Built by Robbie Stadium Corp. through private financing. Partial revenue raised through advanced sale of licensing agreement on club and executive seats.
    RENOVATION: Currently undergoing a $8M renovation; new floors, cup holders, furnishings, suite carpeting.
    CONCESSIONS: Fine Host - on management fee basis.
    PARKING: On-sight parking for 15,000 — auxiliary lots of 6,000. $10 fee — team receives % of revenue.
    ADVERTISING: Handled by Stadium Corp.— team gets % of revenue.
    RENT: H. Wayne Huizenga owns the stadium outright.
    LEASE: Dolphins 30-year lease expires 2017.

    (Source: Robbie Stadium Corporation; rent figure from Florida Times-Union article on July 24, 1994).

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