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     With George Foreman set to appear on the "Tonight Show" with
Jay Leno, ESPN's "SportsCenter" Cover Story was on his new-found
stardom and marketability.  ESPN's Charley Steiner:  "The
question facing Foreman:  Should he go for the big, fast money
immediately?"  Mike Trainer, Sugar Ray Leonard's manager:
"George Foreman's going to live a long life.  He's not going to
box a whole lot longer.  What he needs to do is select a very few
quality products and insist on a long-term arrangement."  Holmes
cited food, autos, hotel chains as possibilities.  Steiner:
"George Foreman has already proven he can sell himself and help
market products.  But will Foreman be able to market boxing and
jump-start a sport that so desperately needs one?"  USA TODAY's
Jon Saraceno said Foreman is more like a "B-12 booster" for the
sport than a "vaccination":  "Boxing is so endemic with its
problems that those things are not going to be solved by George
Foreman."  The piece closed with a clip of Foreman filming a new
Econo Lodge spot (ESPN, 12/1).
     SHOULDN'T A GUY HIS AGE BE IN BED BY 11:00?  Foreman got a
double-segment with Leno on "Tonight."  Told that he was a
motivation for middle-aged people everywhere, including a 50-
year-old woman who wanted to have a baby, Foreman looked in the
camera and said:  "Don't go doin' that, ladies."  On a more
serious note:  "You want to make sure people know if you stop
dreaming, you may as well be dead."  On his future plans:  "They
should have a mandatory retirement age for certain -- fighters
should not go beyond 65."  Foreman said the strangest endorsement
offer he's had is for a vegetarian burger:  "I asked, 'Where's
the beef going to be -- in the buns, or what?'" (NBC, 12/1).
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