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         Baltimore CFL franchise owner Jim Speros said yesterday that
    he will select a name for the franchise once he has received NFL
    approval.  The three finalists are the "Stallions," the "CFLs"
    and a third, unnamed write-in vote.  Speros would not say what
    the name was because he has not yet registered for trademark
    rights to the name.  Speros said he expects to choose the winner
    no later than December 16.  The NFL holds the trademark rights to
    "Stallions," a name St. Louis had planned to use had it been
    selected for NFL expansion (Ken Murray, Baltimore SUN, 12/2).

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         Motorola has signed on as an official supplier to America3,
    the first all-women's sailing team to compete in the America's
    Cup races.  As part of the partnership, Motorola is providing
    America3 with cellular and radio equipment for transmitting real-
    time information from the race yachts to the team's headquarters
    and support vessels during the races.  Suzette Steiger, corporate
    VP/GM of the U.S. Markets Division, Motorola Cellular Subscriber
    Group: "The America's Cup is becoming more and more of a
    technology event, and as a leader in technology we wanted to
    contribute to the winning effort" (Motorola).

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         Int'l Cablecasting Technologies Inc. has announced that it
    is entering into an agreement with Sacramento-based Tower Records
    to offer direct marketing of CDs and other merchandise to
    residential subscribers to ICT's Digital Music Express -- a 30-
    channel cable radio service.  The deal calls for Tower to supply
    fulfillment services to DMX for orders placed by DMX customers
    through an 800 number.  Initial offerings will include CDs, CD-
    ROMs, videos, books, video games, software and other merchandise


         With George Foreman set to appear on the "Tonight Show" with
    Jay Leno, ESPN's "SportsCenter" Cover Story was on his new-found
    stardom and marketability.  ESPN's Charley Steiner:  "The
    question facing Foreman:  Should he go for the big, fast money
    immediately?"  Mike Trainer, Sugar Ray Leonard's manager:
    "George Foreman's going to live a long life.  He's not going to
    box a whole lot longer.  What he needs to do is select a very few
    quality products and insist on a long-term arrangement."  Holmes
    cited food, autos, hotel chains as possibilities.  Steiner:
    "George Foreman has already proven he can sell himself and help
    market products.  But will Foreman be able to market boxing and
    jump-start a sport that so desperately needs one?"  USA TODAY's
    Jon Saraceno said Foreman is more like a "B-12 booster" for the
    sport than a "vaccination":  "Boxing is so endemic with its
    problems that those things are not going to be solved by George
    Foreman."  The piece closed with a clip of Foreman filming a new
    Econo Lodge spot (ESPN, 12/1).
         SHOULDN'T A GUY HIS AGE BE IN BED BY 11:00?  Foreman got a
    double-segment with Leno on "Tonight."  Told that he was a
    motivation for middle-aged people everywhere, including a 50-
    year-old woman who wanted to have a baby, Foreman looked in the
    camera and said:  "Don't go doin' that, ladies."  On a more
    serious note:  "You want to make sure people know if you stop
    dreaming, you may as well be dead."  On his future plans:  "They
    should have a mandatory retirement age for certain -- fighters
    should not go beyond 65."  Foreman said the strangest endorsement
    offer he's had is for a vegetarian burger:  "I asked, 'Where's
    the beef going to be -- in the buns, or what?'" (NBC, 12/1).

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         Worldwide Golf Resources Inc. announced that it has signed a
    letter of intent to acquire GA-based American Turf Manufacturing,
    a leading supplier of synthetic turf to the golf industry.
    Kenneth Maul, Worldwide CEO said the stock-for-stock agreement
    should be completed by December 15.  Maul noted that the
    acquisition would complement Worldwide's recent acquisition of
    Golf Auto Tee Inc., a supplier of golf ball teeing machines.
    Maul: "This acquisition will provide us with an extraordinary
    cross-marketing opportunity.  American Turf will give Golf Auto
    Tee broad exposure to driving range operators throughout the
    country.  In return, Golf Auto Tee will introduce American Turf
    to its client base" (Worldwide Golf Resources).

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