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         Time Warner begins its interactive experiment in Orlando on
    Wednesday.  The Orlando system "is undoubtedly the most
    futuristic network introduced so far" (Edmond Andrews, N.Y.
    TIMES, 12/12).  Analyst Martyn Roetter of Decision Resources
    estimates that interactive TV could be a $300B business.  "But,
    he says, less than 10% of that will materialize in the next five
    to seven years" (BUSINESS WEEK, 12/19 issue)....With NBC
    challenging Fox in a FCC petition alleging foreign-ownership,
    Republican Rep. Michael Oxley, a member of the House
    telecommunications committee, plans to file a bill to overturn
    the limits on foreigners owning U.S. broadcast networks (W.S.
    JOURNAL, 12/12).  In Boston, Frederic Biddle writes that the
    fight "might make the broadcast networks ripe for foreign
    ownership -- a replay of what happened to Hollywood's movie
    studios.  Or it might stop upstart Fox in its tracks" (BOSTON
    GLOBE, 12/11).... Cablevision Chair Charles Dolan is profiled in
    the L.A. TIMES.  One cable exec:  "He's like Darth Vader dressed
    up in a Howdy Doody outfit" (L.A. TIMES, 12/11)....Asked how much
    has the baseball and hockey situations affected major ad
    agencies, Bruce Mason, CEO & Chair of Foote, Cone & Belding,
    replied:  "The networks by and large have scrambled to replace
    the audience loss with different programming -- so, very little"
    ("Bloomberg Business News," 12/12).

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         "How spooked is TSN by CTV's plans to start up a rival
    Canadian sports channel (with regional programming)?," asks
    William Houston in Toronto.  "Insiders say TSN is particularly
    concerned about the huge B.C. lower mainland market and the fact
    that TSN prime time on the West Coast consists of canned
    progamming from Toronto."  TSN is seriously considering renting
    studio space in Vancouver to do their 11:00pm (ET) sports news
    show.  CTV's proposed regional channel, yet to be approved by the
    government, would provide local programming in four regions of
    Canada (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 12/10).
         LABATT EXPANDING?  John Labatt Ltd., parent company of TSN,
    would like to "bolster its broadcast business but it has been a
    tough slog to find a takeover candidate," according to Labatt
    President George Taylor.  Instead, Labatt is expanding its
    broadcast and related production holdings internally (Toronto
    GLOBE & MAIL, 12/10).

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         Sports-Tech Int'l, a company that makes computerized video-
    editing systems for sports teams, said Friday it is being
    acquired by Dainichi Electronics of Tokyo for $1.1M.  The sale
    could be completed by next August.  Dainichi Electronics is a
    semiconductor maker with about $100M in annual sales (James
    McNair, MIAMI HERALD, 12/10).

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