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         That's the question Greg Burns poses in this week's BUSINESS
    WEEK.  The answer: "It can, but not right away.  Quaker will pay
    dearly for a company whose profits dropped 74% in the third
    quarter. ... Shoring up Gatorade and Snapple, both top brands
    with declining market shares, probably will cost big bucks and
    take more time than Quaker admits."  Distribution will "make or
    break the acquisition."  Quaker sells most Gatorade in
    supermarkets and convenience stores, while Snapple "made it big
    with cold, single-service glass bottles through vending machines,
    restaurants, and independent retailers."  Quaker needs to
    convince Snapple's 300-plus distributors to carry Gatorade.  It
    also needs to renegotiate their "exclusive-territory agreements
    to bring Snapple into supermarkets on grocery wholesaler trucks."
    Two things to looks for:  Snapple overseas and Snapple in plastic
    bottles (BUSINESS WEEK, 11/14 issue).  Salomon Brothers analyst
    Les Pugh "notes that the Snapple merger does little to boost
    Gatorade's strength outside America" (THE ECONOMIST, 11/5 issue).
    Documents filed by Snapple after Quaker's $1.7B bid for it late
    last week showed that Snapple "has cut its internal earnings
    projections for the rest of the year, seemingly indicating a
    continuation of problems that hurt Snapple's summer performance"
    (Gibson/Grossman, WALL STREET JOURNAL, 11/7).

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         Kinney Shoe has decided to drop the footwear line, In The
    Zone or ITZ, "created specially" for its Foot Locker retail
    chain, "in effect conceding failure in its attempt to
    unilaterally fill a perceived void in the second tier of the
    athletic footwear market."  The move frees up shelf space for
    "traditional vendors," as 2nd-tier players such as Fila, Converse
    and Adidas "heat up the battle" for No. 3.  ITZ "suffered a blow
    to its marketing plans with the December car accident that nearly
    took the life of its NBA endorser Bobby Hurley" (Eric Hollreiser,
    BRANDWEEK, 11/7 issue).

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         The repercussions of George Foreman's victory over Michael
    Moorer for the WBA and IBF heavyweight titles were felt in the
    worlds of cable TV and marketing.  HBO will benefit from the
    Foreman victory because Foreman "produces huge ratings."  HBO
    Exec Producer Ross Greenburg: "The public is not going to care
    who George fights.  He can pick and choose who he wants and wait
    for (Mike) Tyson" (Bob Raissman, N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 11/6).  On
    ESPN, Al Bernstein said a Tyson-Foreman matchup was unlikely due
    to Foreman's age by the time Tyson is out of prison and ready to
    fight again ("SportsCenter," 11/6).  As for Foreman's marketing
    appeal, Diana Henriques reports that his victory "may be enough
    to lift the new heavyweight champion of boxing into stardom in
    the lucrative business of celebrity endorsements."  Nova
    Lanktree, president of Lanktree Sports Celebrity Network: "Just
    think of the symbolism of this victory -- at 45 years of age.
    That has a huge appeal to baby boomers.  I would be very
    surprised if he doesn't hit the market now with a tremendous
    impact."  Henriques notes, "there are caveats:  Madison Avenue
    doesn't usually consider boxing as a mainstream sport.  Moreover,
    the buyers of celebrity endorsements have grown nervous in recent
    years as devastating scandals have engulfed several popular
    icons" --Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson.  Even
    before his victory, Foreman had garnered "several substantial
    regional and national endorsement contracts," like Nike, Doritos
    and Meineke.  But with title belts, he becomes a "major contender
    in the booming 'graying athlete' division of the celebrity
    endorsement industry," joining Jimmy Connors and Nolan Ryan.  And
    Foreman's personal life "seems exemplary," which could give
    Foreman "extra post-victory appeal," because he seems "more safe"
    (N.Y. TIMES, 11/7).

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         Eastman Kodak has extended its "long-standing" official
    sponsorship of the NFL, recently signing a 2-year deal to
    continue as the NFL's official film.  Kodak beat out rival Fuji
    in signing the agreement.  NFL Properties VP/Marketing Jim
    Schwebel: "It's important that we give our incumbents every
    opportunity to re-sign" (BRANDWEEK, 11/7 issue).

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         Hershey will again sponsor the Reese's International
    Gymnastics Cup, held for the first time last year.  The event
    will take place January 25, and be televised on ABC March 11
    (BRANDWEEK, 11/7 issue)....During the Knicks-Celtics opening
    game, the Celtics wives presented the American Cancer Society and
    the New England Baptist Hospital each with $90,000 checks
    (Celtics)....The third annual Jerome Brown Foundation's Reception
    and Celebrity Auction took place last Friday.  Since its
    inception in '92, the Foundation has raised more than $200,000 to
    benefit underprivileged children (Brown Foundation)....Some of
    Canada's top curlers are seeking a more aggressive players'
    association to give them a greater say in their sports and bigger
    share of its growing revenues.  The players and the sport's
    governing body, the Canadian Curling Association, have been
    "feuding since last year over whether competitors should be
    allowed to wear their sponsors' corporate logos at the Brier"
    (EDMONTON JOURNAL, 11/5)....Walt Disney Co.'s Disney Consumer
    Products division has moved its $6-8M account from Earle Palmer
    Brown to Butler, Shine & Stern.  Disney is relaunching the
    campaign for five brands of products, ranging from infant toys to
    sporting goods (AD AGE, 11/7 issue)....."60 Minutes" ran a story
    on the infiltration of American culture in France.  One French
    teenager:  "When you go in the school, you can see all the young
    people with Nike and Reebok shoes because it's the way to be in"
    (CBS, 11/6)....Japan Airlines offers a $600 putter for sale to
    its int'l customers made of titanium.  The metal comes from
    recycled Boeing 747 fan engine blades (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH,
    11/7).... Nike is helping with the promotion of the movie "Hoop
    Dreams."  Nike is paying for radio promotions in the top 10
    national markets as well as lending its logo to print and movie
    ads (N.Y. TIMES, 11/7).... Bullets forward DON MCLEAN missed the
    first two games of the season due to a severe blister on his
    foot.  McLean signed a shoe deal with Adidas after winning the
    NBA's Most Improved Player Award last season, switching from
    Nike. McLean is reportedly uncomfortable with the new Adidas
    footwear, and will go back to wearing Nike's while returning his
    contract money to Adidas (WASHINGTON TIMES, 11/5).

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         The NBA is tipping off its season with "accelerated
    marketing efforts for its own 'brand,' marked by a $5 million-
    plus ad campaign for its 125 licensees."  The campaign is the
    league's first "season-long consumer promotion" and features the
    league's first "partner effort" with Visa.  Running through '94-
    95, the "first-ever all-license support campaign and promo
    initiates a continuity program tying in Visa and the array of NBA
    licensed products sold at 500 Champs stores nationwide."
    Shoppers purchasing $100 of NBA licensed goods at Champs with
    Visa will receive an NBA gift bag containing an NBA Fan Guide, a
    poster and a CBS/Fox NBA Video.  The NFL has had similar programs
    for the past four years and similar recent NFL promos linking
    Logo 7, Footlocker and American Express yielded a 9% sales bump.
    Visa has "long been coveted by the NBA as an official sponsor."
    Sources from both Visa and the NBA said this promotion was a
    "trial run" (Terry Lefton, BRANDWEEK, 11/7).

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         "Not only has the team on the floor gotten hotter, so has
    the Denver Nuggets' year-old logo and color scheme."  The new
    look is "making a run among the garb" of the NBA's other teams.
    Before unveiling their new logo, the Nuggets were near the bottom
    of sales of NBA licensed merchandise at No. 19.  After their
    playoff run last year, the Nuggets have "jumped" to 16.  NBA
    Marketing Communications Manager Jon Stern: "With their talent
    and the excitement they've generated, I'd expect their sales will
    go even higher" (Chance Conner, DENVER POST, 11/4).

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         After several years of "dabbling in foreign markets, two of
    the major cardmakers have decided to make a big push."  Upper
    Deck unveiled the first Japanese-language NBA trading cards at
    the Blazers-Clippers Friday night in Yokohama.  Fans attending
    either the Friday or Saturday game at Yokohama Arena received a
    3-pack of "Collector's Choice" cards, with the promise of a full
    210-card series available at retail stores in late December.
    Meanwhile, Skybox and the NBA will announce the licensing in
    Australia and New Zealand of all NBA trading cards produced by
    Skybox.  Plans are being made for the release of SkyBox Premium
    cards through distributors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New
    Zealand.  Upper Deck basketball will also be available in
    Australia, marking the first time that two U.S. cardmakers will
    go "head-to-head" on other continents.  Upper Deck is also
    planning to produce NBA cards in German, French, Spanish and
    Italian for distribution in European markets, Mexico and Canada
    (Norm Cohen, N.Y. NEWSDAY, 11/5).

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