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         The city of Lewisville "has reluctantly released a study
    that indicates a new arena" along I-35 northwest of Dallas would
    generate $32M in annual revenues if the Mavericks move in, or
    $12M without the NBA club.  The city released the report, which
    was completed in April, only after ordered to do so by the TX
    Attorney General's office.  The city said it did not want to
    release the information because of "outdated information," but
    the TX's AG office on Tuesday granted a request by a Lewisville
    newspaper to "force disclosure."  The preliminary study said if
    the arena became the home of the Mavs, the arena should bring in
    $20M in tickets, concessions and novelties.  To be successful,
    the study said, the arena would have to be "state-of-the-art
    facility and would have to attract a variety of events,"
    including pro sports.  Since April, more than 100 acres of the
    proposed Lewisville arena site have been packaged.  Mavs owner
    Don Carter has agreed to buy 75 of those acres, "although
    officials said the purchase is only for investment purposes"

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         The SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY continues to look at the NFL's
    infrastructure with Chicago's Soldier Field.
    STADIUM:       Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois
    AGE:           Built in 1924
    CAPACITY:      Capacity 66,946
    LUXURY BOXES:  116 -- of revenue team gets 80%, city 20%.
    COST:          $8-10 million, paid through a bond issue.
    OWNERSHIP:     Public Building Commission of Chicago.
    MANAGEMENT:    Spectacor Management Group (SMG)
    CONCESSIONS:   ARA/SMG and Soldier Field Joint Venture.  A 43%
                   commission of net sales goes to the Chicago Park
                   District, 57% goes to ARA.
    PARKING:       8,000 spots. $20 a game for close parking.  $10
                   for regular parking, of which $1.25 goes to a city
                   tax, and the rest to the city's park district.
    LEASE:         Bears lease expires in 2000.
    ADVERTISING:Handled by Spencer Sports Media in Ardsley, NY for
                   the last 60 years.  Shared partnership with the
                   city. Contract expires in 2000.
    RENT:          $2.06 million.
    RENOVATION:2 recent renovations, a $40M renovation to be paid
                   for by 1996, and a $20M interior renovation of the
                   promenade and bathroom facilities.
    (Source: Jim Duggan/Stadium Manager, rent figure from Florida
    Times-Union article on July 24, 1994.)

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         The Manitoba Entertainment Complex (MEC) "has hit a wall"
    with its marketing campaign to sell 40 skyboxes and 1,500 club
    seats in the Winnipeg Jets' new arena by the end of November.
    Karen Theobald of FL-based Theobald & Associates Marketing is
    handling the campaign and says so far 38 luxury boxes and "barely
    over 500" club seats have been sold.  Theobald is "really
    frustrated" by the club seat response:  "There are major
    corporations that owe their success to this community and yet
    they haven't purchased. ... This isn't about the Jets and tickets
    to a few hockey games.  The Jets are part of it, but this is
    about a building.  This is about Winnipeg's future" (Scott
    Taylor, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, 11/2).  MEC Chair John Loewen said
    his group is considering a telethon as part of the campaign (Ed
    Willes, WINNIPEG SUN, 11/2).  In a separate WINNIPEG FREE PRESS
    piece, Scott Taylor profiles Theobald.  "Those who know her call
    her 'a firecracker,' and those who don't wonder how an 'outsider'
    got a contract many Winnipeg executives would die to have"

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