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     The Atlantic Coast Conference, in conjunction with extending
its men's basketball contract for four years with Raycom and
Jefferson-Pilot Sports, has established ACC Properties -- "a free
standing business unit to manage conference-coordinated
marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities."  ACC
Properties' aim is to "offer the corporate community fully-
integrated marketing programs and multimedia advertising and
promotional opportunities on a year-round basis with the
     Among the specific marketing areas ACC Properties will
oversee:  ACC Official Corporate Partner and Promotional Partner
programs; licensing; championship merchandising; publications;
and special events, including the 22 ACC championships.  Raycom
CEO Rick Ray:  "This agreement represents a new direction for our
company and a new look in sports marketing."  Ray will sit on the
ACC Properties Board, along with J-P Sports President Ed Hull, NC
State AD Todd Turner and ACC Commissioner Gene Corrigan.
     In addition, the ACC announced Continental Airlines has
signed on as the conference's fourth official corporate partner,
joining Exxon, Hardee's and Discus Athletic.
     Yesterday, ACC Assistant Commissioner Rick Chryst spoke with
THE SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY and provided more details on the
conference's new venture.  Excerpts follow:
     THE DAILY:  What was the motivation behind this move?
     CHRYST:  We've always been very cognizant of, and have
valued, our television relationships.  Television has made the
ACC, so we have always had a very close relationship with Raycom
and Jefferson Pilot.  The events of this past year -- the CFA
breaking up and a reconfiguration of how we were doing our
football, combined with the extension of the basketball agreement
-- provided the window to formalize our marketing into our
relationship with Raycom and JP.
     THE DAILY:  How will this affect the marketing efforts of
the athletic departments of the ACC's schools?
     CHRYST:  This relates to conference inventory.  Our schools
will maintain their marketing departments and we think this will
facilitate -- at a minimum -- communication, and much more likely
some incremental revenue streams to the institutions.  But we are
not necessarily out representing Carolina or Georgia Tech or
Duke, because our schools have such varying philosophies in
regard to marketing and corporate relationships.
     THE DAILY:  So, it wouldn't prevent a Florida State or a
Duke from signing a Michigan/Nike type deal?
     CHRYST:  Not at all.  And I think we will find that there
may be certain product areas where it makes sense to work
collectively -- but others, the shoe deals probably being the
most visible, where the institution is going to drive that and we
may be less likely to get involved.
     THE DAILY:  Are there any other deals pending with potential
corporate partners?
     CHRYST:  We really haven't gotten much further down the
strategic path at this point.  But we are nearing the end of the
basketball sales season and I think when that gets in place, we
will be able to start our planning for '95 and '96.  We are
excited that we've got this type of structure to start down that
road, because I think from the corporate perspective, it should
take the number of phone calls from about thirty-eight to one.
That is what we hope.  Someone with this little slice of the ACC
and that little slice of the ACC, hopefully it can become one
integrated approach.
     THE DAILY:  How will ACC Properties' approach differ from
what other conferences are doing?
     CHRYST:  The distinguishing feature we feel about this
program is that syndicated media is the cornerstone of it. ...
Television is so important to us, that it needs to be integrated.
There have been opportunities in the past where the ACC and the
athletic directors could have said, "Here, cut a deal just for
your marketing rights."  But often you would be in competition
with your syndicator, and you could become an official corporate
partner without ever spending a dime on the television.  Those
three-and-a-half hours on Saturday afternoon or the Tuesday,
Wednesday, or Thursday nights in the winter -- that is where we
market ourselves.
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