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     In several cities around the league, NHL owners and general
managers were adhering to a common theme:  that NHLPA Exec Dir
Bob Goodenow's resistance to bargain is the main impediment to
the league and the union settling on a new collective bargaining
     BOSTON:  The NHL's most recent proposal included a 122%
maximum tax on payrolls exceeding the league average, down from
125%.  Bruins President & GM Harry Sinden indicated the league
"might be willing" to lower the rate further.  Sinden:  "Can we
go lower?  Therein lies the big problem.  How do you know what
you might do unless somebody negotiates with you" (Stephen
Harris, BOSTON HERALD, 10/7).
     FLORIDA:  Panthers President Bill Torrey:  "Goodenow, for
whatever reason, does not want to make a deal right now.  When
you say you want to make a deal, you stay at the table, battle it
out and make a deal" (N.Y. POST, 10/7).
     NEW JERSEY:  Devils President Lou Lamoriello said he sees
the NHLPA "duplicating" baseball's tactics.  On the rejection of
the latest proposal: "Gary Bettman went quite a distance with
yesterday's proposal.  I think he offered too much, considering
the financial situation of the league, but he wants to find a way
to reach an agreement that's fair to everyone.  Yet, there was no
indication that the players association wants to make a deal"
(N.Y. POST, 10/7).
     PHILADELPHIA:  Flyers GM Bobby Clarke, who once headed the
players union, said he believes MLBPA Exec Dir Don Fehr "is
telling Goodenow what to do."  Clarke on Goodenow, who
represented him when Clarke was North Stars GM:  "Those of us who
know Goodenow felt from the start there would be no chance of a
deal being made.  He's not a deal maker. ... If anything, these
players should be tying their wagons to Bettman.  He's done more
in two years than has ever been done in this league" (Gary Miles,
     TAMPA BAY:  Lightning President Phil Esposito:  "When we put
up two proposals, I thought we were making some progress.  But
then he [Goodenow] says no to both of them.  And then he says
we're going to come up with a proposal of our own and we'll get
back to you in a couple of days or so.  What is that?  I just
don't think he wants to get a deal done" (Roy Cummings, TAMPA
TRIBUNE, 10/7).
     TORONTO:  Maple Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher:  "To date, I would
suggest the indications are that (Goodenow) sure as hell isn't in
any hurry" (Damien Cox, TORONTO STAR, 10/7).
     WASHINGTON:  The "normally diplomatic" Capitals GM David
Poile, on Goodenow:  "It's not like saying, 'OK, come on.  Let's
go in and make a deal today.  Let's come up with some ideas.'
It's just, 'What do you have?  No, that's not good enough.  See
ya later'" (Dave Fay, WASHINGTON TIMES, 10/7).  Poile also linked
the two unions: "I think, in some demented fashion, Bob Goodenow
and Donald Fehr want to bring pro sports to their knees. ... If
baseball had a deal today, we'd have a deal today.  I don't think
it's a coincidence that their tactics are so similar" (Baltimore
SUN, 10/7).
     WINNIPEG:  Jets President Barry Shenkarow:  "Look at
baseball.  They've had eight strikes in 24 years.  Mr. Goodenow
has been with hockey how long (about three years)?  And we've had
two work stoppages.  What is it he wants?  Does he want to follow
Mr. Fehr's path?  Or does he want to sit down and negotiate?" (Ed
Willes, WINNIPEG SUN, 10/7).       LABOR'S RESPONSE:  Goodenow:
"As far as Donald Fehr and I working in concert, the two
situations are quite different, and the idea is totally untrue."
MLBA special assistant Mark Belanger:  "If we were looking for
theories we could suggest -- but we're not -- that maybe the
owners designed it this way" (Sandra McKee, Baltimore SUN, 10/7).
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