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     In Toronto, Bob McKenzie sums up the state of the talks on a
new NHL collective bargaining agreement:  "NHL owners believe
[NHLPA Exec Dir] Bob Goodenow is an intransigent S.O.B. who
doesn't know the meaning of compromise and has a cavalier
disregard for the league's serious economic woes.  NHL players
believe [Commissioner] Gary Bettman is a vindictive egomaniac
with no knowledge of the game who wants players to be serfs in a
hockey feudal system.  Well, well, aren't things going just
swimmingly?" (TORONTO STAR, 10/6).      HARRY'S NOT WILD ABOUT
BOB:  At the management press conference following the meetings,
Bruins President & GM Harry Sinden made "an impassioned speech"
attacking Goodenow and Devils Owner John McMullen "questioned
Goodenow's intelligence" (Alan Adams, CP/OTTAWA CITIZEN, 10/6).
Sinden:  "No matter what you do, no matter what you try, no
matter what compromise position you come up with. ... They will
be rejected. ... Mr. Goodenow has a different group of people to
deal with this time.  We will never capitulate" ("SportsCenter,"
ESPN, 10/5).  McMullen:  "The most important thing of all when
you deal with a union is to have an intelligent union leader --
and we didn't have one today" (Mult., 10/6).  "Sinden likely did
more to harden the lines of communication last night than would
have anything said face-to-face" (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver
PROVINCE, 10/6).  Some thought the presence of management
representatives at the bargaining table "might help the
proceedings.  Now there is a question how much damage they might
have done" (Len Hochberg, WASHINGTON POST, 10/6).  Bettman later
distanced himself from the tone taken by Sinden and McMullen:
"It's not appropriate for us to repudiate anybody's intelligence
or make any personal or nasty comments" (Mult., 10/6).
     RESPONSE:  Goodenow:  "If Harry Sinden and John McMullen
believe this sort of tactic is going to make us give in to their
plan, they're wrong. ... Remember, we're the ones being locked
out here" (Vancouver PROVINCE, 10/6).   HOPE IS FLEETING:  ESPN's
Al Morganti: "These two sides are so far apart philosophically,
it doesn't look good for hockey October 15" ("SportsCenter,"
10/5).  "Unless the owners are prepared to do radical surgery to
their proposal, don't expect a deal soon.  The gulf between the
sides is simply too great" (John MacKinnon, OTTAWA CITIZEN,
10/6).  Penguins Owner Howard Baldwin:  "It is over.  We are not
getting anywhere.  I came here as a dove.  Now I am a hawk"
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