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         This morning's FINANCIAL TIMES carries an extensive survey
    of new communications media that covers cable, business
    television, pay television, UK cable, radio, satellites, and the
    Internet.  Raymond Snoddy, survey editor:  "When it makes little
    difference whether business news is obtained from a computer
    screen or a TV screen, it is clear that the importance of the new
    media goes far beyond extra channels of entertainment.  There are
    frequent signs that the long-predicated covergance between
    entertainment, computing and telecommunications is at last
    happening, even though the electronic superhighway probably
    excites politicians more than consumers at the moment.  Cable,
    satellite, and video cassettes will have a growing number of
    rivals to communicate words, pictures and ideas" (FINANCIAL
    TIMES, 10/4).

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         In this morning's WASHINGTON TIMES, John Hawkins reports on
    plans for The Golf Channel, scheduled to launch in January 1995.
    (1) Tour Programming -- "the handful of PGA Tour events that
    currently aren't televised ... most likely will become the Golf
    Channel's.  Otherwise, live coverage probably be limited to Nike
    Tour events, with a sprinkling of LPGA, Senior Tour and various
    foreign tours carrying the balance."  (2)  "Golf Center" -- this
    "evening centerpiece" will provide pre- and post-tournament
    programming, "although there's some question as to whether the
    Golf Channel will limit those wraparounds to the tournaments it
    televises live." (3) Other Programming will include "visual
    lessons, the celebrity-golfer gamut, lots of resort travel
    features, and as much news as the game can generate."  (4) Viewer
    Cost -- "the Golf Channel is treating itself as a 'premium'
    channel, although there's a lingering suspicion it may have to
    settle for 'tiered' status."  Mark Watts, premium product manager
    for Comcast:  "From a cable marketing standpoint, their success
    seems predicated on what makes them any different from CBS or
    ESPN.  The key is to give people a reason why they should spend
    an extra $5 on it" (John Hawkins, WASHINGTON TIMES, 10/4).

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         CBS' 8.1 preliminary rating from Sunday night's movie is
    half of last year's average rating.  CBS exec VP of Research
    David Poltrack:  "We can't promote a movie to male viewers
    without football."  Poltrack believes CBS' Harlequin romance
    movies might fare better in prime time by drawing a female
    audience.  CBS will finish third among the nets for the second
    week in a row (N.Y. TIMES, 10/4)....Cap Cities/ ABC is buying
    stations in Flint, MI and Toledo, OH from SJL Broadcast
    Management Corp. for $155M.  NBC and Fox were also interested in
    purchasing the affils.  ABC programming in Toledo will switch
    from WNWO to WTVG, which is currently an NBC affil.   WJRT in
    Flint is already an ABC affil.  The purchase brings ABC's station
    ownership to 10 stations with 24% national viewing audience,
    while the federal limit is 25% (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 10/4)....CBS
    and Fox are switching affils in Austin, TX.  CBS will be
    associated with KBVO, which is being acquired by Granite
    Broadcasting Co. (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 10/4)....Former Disney
    exec Jeffrey Katzenberg "flatly denied" he will go to work for GE
    at a new NBC movie production studio (N.Y. POST, 10/4)....SF
    Broadcasting, which is funded by News Corp., filed a complaint
    with the FCC in response to NBC's complaint that Fox is side-
    stepping federal requirements on affiliate acquisition (WALL

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         In this week's ADVERTISING AGE, Diane Mermigas reports on
    Wayne Huizenga's plans following last Friday's merger between
    Blockbuster Entertainment and Viacom.  Huizenga:   "People think
    I have something else up my sleeve, but I don't ... I can't work
    for someone else.  I am not an employee, I'm an entrepreneur. ...
    I like the entertainment industry. It's a lot of fun.  While
    there aren't too many voids left to fill in the entertainment
    industry, there are still opportunities."  Huizenga will remain
    in south Florida, continue to oversee his assets -- including the
    Dolphins, Panthers, and Marlins -- but "doesn't expect to expand
    his sports interests" (AD AGE, 10/3 issue).

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