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         "New national sponsors, long-term increase" in TV coverage,
    "provincial control of rights' fees -- it all seems to add up to
    boom times for the elite curlers of Canada."  The Canadian Curling
    Association (CCA) just recently signed a new 5-year rights deal
    with St. Clair Investment Inc. of Toronto.  St. Clair is paying
    the CCA C$300,000 a year for exclusive marketing rights to six of
    Canada's seven major championships.  St. Clair has spent C$1.5M
    for 150 hours of TV coverage on TSN and CBC.  TV ad time "is a
    potential gold mine, especially if the NHL stays out of the
    picture, but the CCA won't see any of that until St. Clair's
    investment is covered and the CCA's percentage of net revenue goes
    over the C$300,000 mark."  There is one sponsorship opening and
    that's for the junior championships, where Pepsi, a sponsor for 37
    years, has pulled out.  If no sponsor is found, the CCA will have
    to bankroll the C$150,000 event (David Banks, Vancouver PROVINCE,

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         Anheuser-Busch is promising a "new twist" on its annual Super
    Bowl "Bud Bowl" promotion.  A new Bud Light campaign starring the
    "beer buddies," Iggy & Biff, "marooned on a desert island" debuted
    last Monday on the "Late Show with David Letterman."  The $10M Bud
    Bowl campaign will also feature the guys in a "stylistic detour
    from all the previous Bud Bowls."  A-B has been putting "more
    emphasis on Bud Light during the last year, a signal that A-B is
    recognizing the sales trends and pinning its future growth hopes
    more on Bud Light than Bud" (Jim Kirk, BRANDWEEK, 10/24 issue).

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         FORBES examines Cobra Golf (No. 19) and Bollinger Industries
    (No. 41) on their list of the 200 Best Small Companies in America.
    Cobra, a Carlsbad, CA-based company, which specializes in irons
    with oversized heads and graphite shafts, earned $7.7M on sales of
    $56M last year.  Securities analysts "expect Cobra's earnings to
    jump to $19M on $112M in sales" this year, and since it went
    public a year ago, "its stock price has more than doubled."
    Cobra's closed at 36 3/4 yesterday, which is above its 52-week
    high.  Cobra's clubs, made with lightweight graphite shafts which
    enable golfers to hit the ball further, are a big hit with older
    golfers and women.  Cobra's oversized irons -- the King Cobra line
    -- has hit sales of $42M last year and are expected to top $100M
    in '94 (Damon Darlin, FORBES, 11/7 issue).  Bollinger Industries
    is the nation's largest manufacturer and marketer of exercise
    accessory products.  The company earned $1.8M on sales of $45M in
    the fiscal year that ended in March.  In the 1stQ of this year,
    Bollinger's sales jumped 60%; earnings up 54%.  "Can the
    Bollingers keep it up?  That depends on two things:  Will
    Americans continue to feel guilty about keeping in shape?  And
    will the family retain its marketing savvy?" (Christopher Palmeri,
    FORBES, 11/7 issue).

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         X-Am Jeans will help underwrite a "creative extension of its
    biggest celebrity endorsement, co-sponsoring a new basketball-
    themed lifestyle show" airing on ESPN and ESPN2 starting November
    15 and co-hosted by Hornets point guard Muggsy Bogues, star of X-
    Am's spring ad campaign.  As sponsor of "Jam Central," X-Am will
    be billboarded during the opening and closing credits of the show.
    The brand will also sponsor a show segment highlighting the NBA
    dunk of the week.  Sprite, which Bogues endorses, has been pitched
    on a sponsorship; no word from Sprite yet (BRANDWEEK, 10/24).

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         The NBA season starts in less than two weeks, and with the
    absence of hockey and starving baseball fans stuffed with
    football, the league finds itself in the enviable position of
    being one of the only games in town.  This gives the NBA's
    younger players an opportunity to showcase their playmaking and
    marketing talents to fans and sponsors alike.     In an exclusive
    survey, THE SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY asked twenty of the top
    professionals in sports to offer their short list of hot, young
    players to keep an eye on.  The question posed to all:  "With
    exception of Shaquille O'Neal, who are the top young, marketable
    athletes in the NBA?"
         Seth Sylvan, assistant director of public relations at NBA
    Entertainment, sees the NBA's top stars split into three groups:
    The veteran stars in search of a championship ring; a middle
    group of regional stars searching for wider national appeal; and
    the top picks of the past two years.    But THE SPORTS BUSINESS
    DAILY's marketability survey  finds it's the young guns who are
    attracting the attention among the key industry executives
         1.   Grant Hill, Detroit Pistons (rookie)
         2.   Chris Webber, Golden State Warriors
         3.   Penny Hardaway, Orlando Magic
    tie- 4.   Shawn Kemp, Seattle Supersonics
              Glenn Robinson, Milwaukee Bucks (rookie)
    tie- 5.   Charlie Ward, New York Knicks (rookie)
              Alonzo Mourning, Charlotte Hornets
         GRANT HILL:  The Pistons rookie was the runaway choice for
    the top spot.  Hill was mentioned by seventeen of the twenty
    surveyed -- and eight of those seventeen rated him No. 1 overall.
    Among the key factors contributing to his potential ascendance:
    His personality; Detroit's status as a "basketball-crazy" city;
    and, his exposure during his college days at Duke.  Chris
    Bernucca, Senior Editor at INSIDE BASKETBALL, called Hill "one guy
    you could build the league around. ... He reminds me of a Julius
    Erving."  Mike Levine, director of marketing at Athletes and
    Artists:  "Women like him and men respect him. ... He speaks well
    and is very bright, and everyone knows he can play."
         CHRIS WEBBER:  Webber was a strong second to Hill.  He was
    mentioned by thirteen respondents, and over half of those placed
    him in their top two.  Like Hill, Webber's articulate manner and
    the national exposure he gained from two Final Four appearances at
    Michigan make him an attractive candidate for top endorsements.
    And winning the 1994 NBA Rookie of the Year Award hasn't hurt,
    either.  One sports marketing exec at a major corporate sponsor
    notes Webber's "likeable personality" and gives him high marks for
    the way he handled the "time-out controversy" of the '93 NCAA
         BIG DOG, SMALL BITE?  Many of the respondents were hesitant
    about 1994 No. 1 draft pick GLENN ROBINSON, with several noting
    that he hurts himself the longer he holds out.  In fact, even
    among those who mentioned Robinson, four specifically cited his
    $100 million contract demand as a threat to his marketing
         THE BEST OF THE REST:  Dave Lewis, managing editor of SLAM
    magazine, calls our No. 3, PENNY HARDAWAY, the "closest thing to
    Magic Johnson."  One exec at a top representation firm says SHAWN
    KEMP has "megastar potential."  CHARLIE WARD is called the
    "sleeper" of the bunch by several respondents because of his two-
    sport talents and the New York factor.  BOBBY HURLEY did not crack
    the Top Five, but the potential is there for a great story if he
    can return from his injuries.
    interviewed twenty sports marketing, media and advertising
    professionals over the last 10 days.  Those surveyed were chosen
    on the basis of their experience and expertise in sports marketing
    or athlete endorsements; their company's role as a top sponsor of
    sporting events; or their close work with the NBA -- as
    journalists or licensees.  In no way do we make any claims about
    the scientific validity of this survey.  Rather, it represents a
    quick read of the industry's pulse.

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         "Entertainment Tonight" profiled the NHL players who can be
    seen posing in this month's GQ.  ET's John Tesh: "Because of the
    lockout, the hockey season is on ice, but in the new GQ magazine
    you can see six of the rinks rising superstars heat up the ice."
    The Blues' Brendan Shanahan addmitted he was "puzzled" as to why
    hockey players were asked to model.  Shanahan: "We are all
    surprised that anybody would ask a hockey player to do any
    modeling.  The photographer doesn't say give us your best side, he
    says give us your least damaged side."  The issue, with Charles
    Barkley on the cover, is on the stands now ("Entertainment
    Tonight," 10/25).

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         Quaker Oats reported its earnings for the 1stQ of FY '95, a
    31% decline from last year's 1st Q. Included in this decline was a
    pretax reserve of $18.4M for an estimated litigation cost related
    to a '84 trademark lawsuit involving Gatorade advertising.
    William Smithburg, Quaker Oats Chair & CEO, attributed the loss to
    "higher marketing expenses," especially for Gatorade North
    America: "Our aggressive support of Gatorade during a period of
    major competitive expansion has been successful.  Gatorade's most
    recent market share is up and the category has grown"
    (Quaker)....Group W Marketing signed with First Auto Sports
    Television to handle FAST's national ad sales for auto and
    motorcyling racing.  They will handle ad sales on Prime
    SportsChannel and ESPN (BRANDWEEK, 10/24)....CNN's Terry Keenan
    reported: "The Marlboro Man is back and he is riding high.
    Marlboro's maker Phillip Morris is expected to join other tobacco
    giants in raising prices by 4%-6% in the next few weeks, a
    dramatic about-face for an industry which until recently was
    involved in a vicious price war" ("Moneyline," 10/25)....Douglas
    Ivester makes his first major speech as new Coca-Cola President
    today in Atlanta when he addresses InterBev94, the beverage
    industry's convention (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/26). ....The
    Capitals introduce the first phase of the "Capital Streeters"
    Nike/NHL Street Hockey Program this week.  "Capital Streeters" is
    a joint venture of the Caps and the NHL, and will bring the game
    of hockey to over 2000 middle schoolers at 10 locations in
    suburban MD.  The Caps join 13 other NHL teams with over 600
    program centers in the Nike/NHL Street Hockey Program
    (Capitals)....In this week's BRANDWEEK, Elaine Underwood profiles
    Disney's efforts to appeal to singles at its theme park locations.
    One of those efforts includes ESPN opening a sports bar at
    Disney's "Boardwalk" (BRANDWEEK, 10/24 issue).

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         WINSTON CUP:  Ernie Saxton of Ernie Saxton's Motorsports
    Sponsorship Marketing News reports that Lowe's hardware store
    chain will sponsor the Junior Johnson and Associates NASCAR
    Winston Cup team in '95 and '96, replacing Budweiser.  Kodiak
    smokeless tobacco has not yet decided where its '95 Winston Cup
    sponsorship money will be spent.  Lipton Tea will sponsor the BACE
    Motorsports team in NASCAR Busch Series Grand National race in '95
    and '96.  Wheels Discount Auto Supply Stores will sponsor Andy
    Santerre's efforts in the Busch North Grand Nationals as part of
    its long-term expansion plans in New England.  Caterpillar has
    announced its first team sponsorship for the Busch Series (THE

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