SBD/12/Leagues Governing Bodies


     One owner, speaking on the condition of anonymity:  "I guess
I was naive, but it wasn't until the last few days that I began
to suspect strongly that this really is an effort to break the
union."  A different owner from a different league:  "One of the
scariest things is old hard-line owners think they're smelling
blood.  It's bizarre.  It's been so long since ownership stayed
intact and stood up, this is an unusual position for them to be
in at this stage of a strike.  When you think about it
unraveling, there's a group thinking that we have them where we
want them" (Claire Smith, N.Y. TIMES, 9/11).
     BLUNT TALK:  On the "Sports Reporters," Mike Lupica:  "They
were out to bust his union. This was not a good faith
negotiating.  I believe it and I mean it when I compare Selig to
the Black Sox.  This is the greatest scandal in baseball since
1919" (ESPN, 9/11).
     WHAT'S IT WORTH?  Bill Madden writes, "As empty-headed as
the owners have shown themselves to be over the years, it is hard
to believe they could be so bull-headed as to destroy their own
businesses in hopes of bringing the union to its knees" (N.Y.
DAILY NEWS, 9/11).  Peter Gammons notes all sides, even some
MLBPA officials, admit it will be hard to keep some players from
crossing picket lines next spring, estimates are that franchise
and player worth will be devalued 50%:  "That means if Tom Werner
and Jackie Autry want to burn at the stake rather than sell their
teams for the $85 million and $150 million they're asking, they'd
be chucking $40 million and $75 million, respectively, just to
see Fehr on his knees" (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/11).
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