NFL Player Agent Pat Dye Jr. Questioned By Police In Indianapolis
By Liz Mullen, Staff Writer, SportsBusiness Journal

Prominent NFL player agent Pat Dye Jr. said he was handcuffed and questioned by Indianapolis Police after he and his partner, agent Jimmy Sexton, went to the players' hotel at the NFL Combine on Thursday night to finalize a marketing deal with Under Armour, at the invitation of Under Armour. "We were contacted by Under Armour that they would like to have (Dye's and Sexton's client Alabama WR) Julio Jones formally sign his seven-figure marketing deal that includes a national television commercial," Dye said in a telephone interview today. "I did nothing wrong or illegal."

Rumors that at least one prominent NFL player agent had been handcuffed at the Combine was the talk of NFL circles over the last few days. Dye said that he, Sexton, who merged their companies to form SportsTrust Advisors recently, agent Jim Denton and the company's corporate counsel, Rick Landrum, entered the Crowne Plaza hotel in Indianapolis, where the players invited to the NFL Combine stay. They were then escorted up to Combine sponsor Under Armour's suite by company officials. They spent about 15 minutes in the suite and did not speak to a single player, Dye said.

Dye was the last in the group to leave the hotel and as he was in a taxi about to leave, an Indianapolis police officer asked him to get out of the cab, Dye said. "I got out of the cab and he handcuffed me," Dye said. "He escorts me back into the lobby of the player hotel and told me that he has detained me for criminal trespass for entering a secured premise under false pretense," Dye said.

Dye said the incident occurred at about 10:30pm ET Thursday night and he and others were interviewed for about two-and-a-half hours before he was allowed to leave. "I don't feel I violated any rule and I was there to meet our client to conduct a legitimate business transaction," he said. He said their group may have spent 30 seconds in the "secured area" of the player hotel. "This is the first time in my 48 years that I ever had handcuffs on. This is just preposterous."

Dye said he still does not understand what law he was accused of breaking. "For criminal trespass, there has to be an element of intent that I entered (a secure area)," Dye said. "I was an invited, credentialed guest by someone who has a private suite to be with our player when he signed a contract."

A public information officer for the Indianapolis Police told SportsBusiness Journal that there was an incident and no arrests were made and to contact the NFL Combine regarding the incident. Jeffrey Foster, President of the NFL Scouting Combine, said he had no comment on the incident. NFL Senior VP/PR Greg Aiello declined comment on the incident. Under Armour did not immediately respond for comment on the incident.