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Accepted Types

To download a PDF version of the Online Advertising Specifications & Requirements, click here.

Accepted standard creative types

  • GIF
  • JPEG 
  • Flash** (up to 30 seconds)
  • Image map
  • Java Script
  • HTML: We cannot site-serve (host) HTML5 creative unless given a Swiffy converted file. All other HTML5 creative must be third-party served.

Accepted rich media types

  • DFA
  • Atlas
  • Eyeblaster/Mediamind
  • Point Roll

Third-party Served Ads

In instances where third-party ads rotate multiple creative through one line of code, SportsBusiness Journal/Daily must approve each creative two (2) business days before implementation to ensure that it conforms to site standards.

When receiving third-party ads, we must have the username/password to view report on third party metrics (along with our own) to ensure that we are within an acceptable discrepancy range. If IO states to bill off third-party numbers, username and password is mandatory. SportsBusiness Journal/Daily reserves the right to pull thirdparty served ads that are not rendering or are rendering slowly.

Ad Formats/Creative Types

No deceptive creative tactics. These include ads simulating computer system warning dialog boxes that lead the viewer to believe their computer, our server or the system is experiencing technical difficulties or that they need to click on the box (ad) to eliminate the message from their screen.

If third party served, Flash creative must sniff for the plug-in, and, if not present, serve a gif.

Ads must not modify any elements of a user’s browser or computer settings.

Ads must not resemble SportsBusiness Journal/Daily editorial content (exact or close replica). Ads must not include references to SportsBusiness Journal/Daily unless part of previously arranged co-promotions.

Animated GIFs in email newsletters should have a first frame equivalent to a static image. This will serve as a workaround for animated gifs in Outlook.

Rich Media Specs

SportsBusiness Journal/Daily supports rich media advertising (see above for approved rich media). All rich media must be tested and approved before posting. We reserve the right to refuse any rich media that does not meet our standards or function properly. We are not responsible for fixing any coding problems with faulty ads. We require a minimum of five (5) business days to production test rich media.

As a general rule, any ad that is auto-initiated, rather than user-initiated, must have a duration of four seconds or fewer. The maximum duration for user-initiated ads is 30 seconds. Ads can only utilize audio on user click (not mouse-over), and should the user click to hear audio, an obvious “OFF” button must be available.

User-initiated expandable rich media ads must contain a call to action that indicates, “Roll your mouse over this ad to see more.”

Ad Size

Fully Epandable WxH

Max Weight of Alt Image

Max Weight of Initial Download

Max # of Panels

Max Weight Per Panel

Total Max Weight of Download

Fly Out

728x90 - Top
















956x50 -








Flash Requirements

Flash creatives must be delivered as .swf files and as Flash Version 9 or earlier. All Flash ads must include a backup GIF. Flash ads must include click Tag tracking that contains the following action scripts:

on (release) {

For further instructions, please go to:

General Guidelines

Border: If ads are on a white background, they must include a black, encasing one pixel rule.

Maximum duration: 30 seconds for user-initiated; 4 seconds for auto-initiated.

Rotation: Site-served ads must have no more than 2 creatives per ad size, per order.

Alternate GIF: Animated GIFs must be provided for all Flash creatives.

Alternate Text: Cannot exceed 50 characters.

Sound: The use of audio streams must be initiated by click only. If deemed too distracting, SportsBusiness Journal/Daily reserves the right to ask that the advertiser remove them. Use of audio in the initial download must include an option for turning off audio. This option must be clearly labeled in the creative.

Third-party serving: SportsBusiness Daily/Journal allows third-party serving of creative within iFrametags. Fourth-party serving of creative is not allowed.

Testing: Creative must be delivered three (3) business days before launch for testing and QA. All creative must function uniformly on both Mac and PC platforms, as well as multiple browser versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Any units not conforming to all outlined specifications will not be placed online and will result in delayed start dates.

Content: SportsBusiness Journal/Daily reserves the right to reject any ad that contains offensive or inappropriate content.

Accepted Types

Display Ads

  • 728x90 - 40k max
  • 300x250 - 40k max 
  • 956x50 - 40k max

Email Newsletters-NO FLASH

  • 768x90 - 40k max

Mobile Device-GIF or JPEG

  • 300x50 - 20k max

Please email all creatives to:

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